Dear potential transplant patient,

We would like to introduce you to Hope Chest News, a patient run organization that is incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit.   We support
patients who are waiting for or have received a lifesaving lung or heart/lung transplant at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

While we are active in the transplant support group sponsored by the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Hope Chest News is a separate
organization.  We provide a variety of services to patients including financial assistance, a mentoring program and a period newsletter.

In the past, we have helped families pay for transplant related expenses including prescriptions, housing, ambulance fees, insurance premiums,
uncovered medical expenses and more.  Over 97% of our net income is spent on patient programs and over 90% goes to direct financial
assistance to patients.

Participation in Hope Chest News is voluntary and without cost to the patient.  We have included the following in this packet for you:

*  An
informational brochure that describes our mission and programs
*  A copy of our latest
*  A form to register with Hope Chest News (to receive newsletters & benefit from our group)
*  A copy of a map of the
tunnel system & east bank campus
*  An information sheet from LifeSource, the local non-profit organization that coordinates the matching of donors to recipients

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Hope Chest News board members, you will find their contact
information at or on the first page of our newsletter.


Hope Chest News, Board of Directors
Hope Chest News
MHealth Lung Transplants