About Our Organization                     Testimonial Video  (by Kathleen Hallinen 2010)

What We Do
We have expanded our programs to include limited financial support for the transplant patients and their families.  For those of you unfamiliar with lung
transplantation, the financial consequences can be astronomical.  Some of our transplant " buddies" are unable to work post-transplant or they or their
spouse may lose their insurance benefits or need to go on COBRA or other costly health system.  Sometimes these individuals are unable to pay insurance
premiums for their medications.  Some of our patients need to relocate to the Minneapolis\St. Paul area for an extended period of time either before or after
their transplant (or both) - imagine trying to pay rent and make your house payment at the same time.  Financial reserves are strapped.  Transplantation
works, but there are many costs and situations that can threaten even those with moderate means.

We have also implemented a "mentoring program" to assist newly evaluated patients.  Patients are given the name of a current transplant patient who has
the same lung condition as the new patient.  That person (mentor) is to be available to answer questions and give support to the waiting patient.

Our organization is composed of all volunteers.  Over 97% of our net income is spent on direct patient programs with 90% being provided in direct financial
assistance for help with insurance co-pays, pharmacy costs, housing, ambulance fees, etc.

We are all advocates for organ donation, "the gift of life".

Our Vision
The financial needs of our transplant friends and their immediate families far exceeds our ability to pay 100% of the costs.  It is our hope that sometime in the
near future we will be able to do more for those who most need our help.

Mission Statement
To support and educate University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview patients and their families as the progress through the process of lung
transplantation and to promote public awareness of the needs of these patients.
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