Who We Are

Our organization consists primarily of persons who have had or are waiting for lung transplants
at the University of Minnesota Transplant Center or is a family member of a person who has had
or needs a lung transplant.   Our underlying diseases are many, but we have all been diagnosed
with an end-stage lung disease requiring a life-saving transplant.  The majority of our Board of
Directors come from this unique group.
How We Started

We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was formally organized in December, 2003.  
Prior to that, the primary intent was to educate our members and keep them connected via our
newsletter.  In 2003 it became apparent that the needs of our group went beyond the
dissemination of information.  We were formed "so we may walk side by side with others
needing lung transplants so they never have to walk this journey alone."

Tom Fuller -  President      Kathy Bradshaw - Vice President      Gary Grev - Treasurer
Lori Kimm -  Secretary   

Charlie Callahan        Mike Germain       Laura O'Mara - Communications  
Hope Chest News
MHealth Lung Transplants

Members of the Board of Directors are elected for three year terms.  Elections to the board are
held in June each year.  Officers are selected from the elected Board members . The current
Officers and  Board Members are: